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Workshop FAQ's

How long does a workshop last?

Each workshop lasts for 1-3 hours dependant on the project and the number of children and adult helpers taking part.

Can we complete more than 1 workshop in a day and can it be a different project?

Yes, we can run multiple workshops, if you contact us with your requirements, we will plan a schedule for the day. Some of our schools run workshops for a whole week.

What happens during a workshop?

Our presenter works with a group of children to construct a project. Once constructed the children will have time to test/develop the project and discuss the STEM theory.

Do children keep the projects made?

Yes! Children keep everything they make so they can continue learning at home and share their creations with family and friends.

What does the school need to provide?

All we need from the school is a work area, preferably a classroom with tables and chairs, and an area to test the projects. We provide all the materials and equipment required for the session.

Can we deliver the workshops ourselves? What are the benefits of doing this?

Yes, We can supply you with the kits and detailed instructions/lesson plan. The benefits are:

1. Cost, It will work out a lot cheaper for the school.

2. Time, You can take your time with the projects and not be restricted to the time our presenter attends.

How much does it cost for STEMKids to deliver the workshops?

Half Day, Including Kits

£300 Non-Electronic/ £360 Electronic

1 Full Day, Including Kits

£600 Non-Electronic/£720 Electronic

2 Full Days, Including Kits

£1050 Non-Electronic/£1290 Electronic

3 Full Days, Including Kits

£1450 Non-Electronic/£1690 Electronic

Contact us for a quote if you want to run a mix of Non-Electronic and Electronic workshops.

The number of workshops delivered will depend on the projects chosen and the number of children taking part.

We will send through a full schedule once you have confirmed your requirements.

Presenter availability will depend on the location of the school and must be confirmed before booking.