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Complete Makers Pack

Complete Makers Pack
Complete Makers Pack

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Complete Makers Pack

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Complete Makers Pack

100 AA Batteries

60 AA Battery Holders

100m Wire

60 Rocker Switches

60 Bulbs

60 Bulb Holders

60 Propellers

60 Motors

60 Pulleys

2 Wire Strippers

500 Plates

200 A5 Mirrored card

1000 30mm Card wheels

500 50mm Card wheels

500 Axle holders

120 Tubes

1000 Coloured card A4

2000 Coloured paper A5

1000 Art straws

1000 Paper straws

300 Balloons

400 40mm Wheels

1000 12cm x 6cm Correx Board

2000 Rubber Bands

300 Cotton Reels

500 Eco Straws

500 Counters 25m PVC Tube

150 5ml Syringes

150 10ml Syringes

240 Reels

150 Pegs

500g of Corks

1000 114mm Dowels

500 25mm MDF Wheels

300 15mm Blocks

1000 Lolly sticks

1000 Coloured Lolly sticks

4 Storage Boxes


What is a MakerSpace?

A MakerSpace is a designated area where creativity, collaboration, and hands-on learning take place. The space is for students to try new things while they create, learn, fail, work with one another, and experiment. Think of it as your 21st century resource for project-based learning!