Club Booking Form

Club Booking Form

Form to gather details of potential clubs to book in.
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  • Please select the Key Stage club(s) you are interested in.
  • Please select the days available to run the sessions. (please check for any clashes with school events e.g. parents’ evenings, school fairs.)
  • Please enter timings you could accommodate for the club. Sessions last one hour, and we suggest they run 5 minutes after the school day finishes (to give the children time to get settled and make the most of the session) - enter timings in 24 hour format hh:mm-hh:mm
  • Our standard club runs for 6 session to cover a half term. Please enter below the number of sessions you would want the club running for and we will try to accommodate.
    Please enter a value between 0 and 38.
  • Individual school requirements(are there any lettings arrangements/costs for us to be aware of?). IN the event that a room fee is charged, we will increase the cost of the club by a small amount to cover this additional cost.
  • We require a classroom with chairs and tables/desks. We ask that clubs are not located in drama/music areas or large open spaces. Access to a corridor is ideal for testing completed moving models. Is this possible?
  • How it works

  • Communication

    STEMKIds provides a secure online booking service. This includes communicating with parents by email and/or text.

    STEMKids provides an automatic email response to any bookings showing the club details and confirming payment.

    STEMKids cannot be held responsible for any consequences of missed messages resulting from incorrect contact information submitted by parents when booking or messages being sent into personal spam filters. Parents are reminded to add the STEMKids email address to their safe senders list.

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