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Frequently asked questions & answers

How much does it cost the school?

Nothing, unless the school decide to fund or part-fund.

How much does it cost the parent?

Each session is £7 per child. This price includes all materials and equipment required to construct the product. Children take home all products made.

How do parents book?

Parent’s book and pay us directly through our website. Alternatively, we can invoice the school.

What does the school need to provide?

A large classroom or an average size classroom with access to a corridor (for the children to test/fire/race products)

How will you promote the club?

We supply all children with a leaflet to take home. We can also promote the club in an assembly (subject to availability) or supply the school with a short video to show the children.

Are the sessions safe?

Yes all our sessions are safe and risk assessed. We can supply risk assessments on request.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, up to £10,000,000. Our insurance certificate can be supplied on request.

What happens if a session is cancelled?

In the event that a session is cancelled, STEMKIds will provide an alternative session as soon as possible after the cancellation.  Parents will be notified by email of the replacement date.  Refunds will not be provided unless a replacement session cannot be scheduled.  STEMKids cannot be held responsible for sessions cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control e.g. unscheduled school closures.

How will STEMKids communicate with parents?

Any STEMKids notifications will usually be sent by email to the email address supplied when booking.  Please be aware that STEMKids cannot be responsible for email notifications being held in personal spam folders and so we recommend adding @stemkids.co.uk to your safe recipients list.  In the event that a last minute/urgent notification is required this will be sent by text message to the telephone number provided at the time of booking.

Are presenters DBS checked?

Yes, the presenter will bring their DBS certificate and photo ID with them on the first session.

How long do the sessions last?

1 hour after school.

How many children can take part in the club?

Minimum 12, maximum 25.

What age range is the club suitable for?

We have 2 Young Engineers clubs, KS1 and KS2.

Can we mix KS1 and KS2 in one club?

We do not recommend mixing KS1 and KS2, although if your school is smaller than average we will adapt the sessions to accommodate this.

How are the clubs educational?

All our sessions are designed to cover elements of the KS1 or KS2 national curriculum and engage children in maths and science in a fun and exciting way.

Can parents and children give feedback on the club?

Parents are asked to complete an online feedback form. We share the feedback with the school when the club has finished.